Pelican - Handmade Alchemical Flask



It is my great pleasure to be able to offer to the international audience, after long preparations, a handmade classical vessel of old alchemy - the so-called "pelican". Vessel is made from borosilicate glass.

The old laboratory workers made their finest vessels according to the shape of the animals, because centuries of experience had taught them that only tinctures, essences and quintessences made with such glass have the highest potency.

The "pelican" is actually a circulator of the old spagyria. It is used at very moderate heat (up to 45°C). Usually the liquid-filled circulator is placed in a warm and sunny place, or put in an incubator or otherwise heated very slightly.

In such a vessel the accelerated and perfect ripening of all the remedies of the old plant alchemy takes place, and the role of such a vessel is almost irreplaceable.

The "Pelican" can make a simple essence of plant alchemy into a quintessence. Fill the vessel about one-third full.

To make these vessels is very difficult and the production is done by hand. The design of the vessels, based on the classical writings of the Paracelscians and Rosicrucians, was prepared by three contemporary Czech hermeticists. In order to make the vessel easy to use, it is fitted with a standard 29/32mm diameter Ground glass joint.

I will carefully pack and secure the vessels. In case of breakage of the jar you will not lose money, only some time for reclamation. :-)

I have been using these vessels myself since 2007 and consider them to be perfect.

Dimensions of the container: approximately 26cm high, 15cm wide and 15cm deep. The containers are handmade, the dimensions of each piece very slightly.