Original Woodcut of Magical View Into Universe according to Flammarion


This wood engraving is made after an illustration in the book L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire (The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology) by French author and astronomer Camille Flammarion (Paris, 1888). The authorship of the original is uncertain, but as Flammarion was trained as a wood engraver, it is quite possible that he made it himself. The caption accompanying the illustration in the book reads Un missionnaire du Moyen Âge raconte qu'il avait trouvé le point où le ciel et la Terre se touchent… (A missionary of the Middle Ages announces that he has found the point where the sky and Earth meet.) The “wheel intersecting a wheel” in the upper left corner might refer to Ezekiel’s vision in 1:16. In this context, it is worth noting that Fulcanelli sees in this symbol, from the alchemical point of view, „a wheel of fire“ depicting two stages of alchemical cooking.
The bright semicircle at the top of the picture seems to echo the similar motive in the central panel of the Ghent Altarpiece by the van Eyck brothers (1425-1432).
This wood engraving was printed by hand on Japanese / or Farbiano paper. The mat is made of hand-printed calico paper by Calico Praha. The inner panels are out of hand-marbled paper made by restorer Jan Šíblo / or Cockerell Marbled Papers. The print was stamped by the blockcutter himself (Prague monogrammist D. L.).

Subject of the offer:

New signed hand-made art print of woodcut from one of contemporary Czech Hermetic - Artist (one sheet of nice yellowish paper).
Size of paper sheet: 245×210mm
Size of art-print: 148×120mm.

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