Original Woodcut of Magical Prague according to Ioannes Willenberg


The original template for this image is the woodcut view of the Prague Castle by Ioannes Willenberg from 1610 (as per the chronogram in Cor RegIs nostrI In ManIbVs DeI est). It is a fragment from a one-page leaflet belonging to the Strahov Monastery. Ioannes Willenberg was the author of many vedutas of Czech towns as well as the author of the woodcuts in Mirror of the Famous Moravian Margraviate and Diadochus by Bartholomeus Paprocki of Hlohol.
The inscription (which means The heart of our king is in the hands of God) is an echo of the verse from The Book of Proverbs (21:1): The king´s heart is in the hand of the Lord as the watercourses: He turneth it whithersoever He will (Sicut divisiones aquarum, ita cor regis in manu Domini; quocumque voluerit inclinabit illud). A modified version of this text was the motto on one of Emperor Maximilian I’s personal emblems, as can be seen in Dürer’s woodcut The Large Triumphal Chariot (1518) or Iacobus Typotius’ book of imperial emblems Symbola Divina et Humana Pontificum Imperatorum Regum (Prague, 1601). The inscription on this woodcut by Willenberg is addressed to Rudolph II, though his brother Matthias, who acceded to the Czech throne one year later (1611), might also be taken into account.
The faces of the Sun and Moon have been added to this engraving as well as the motif of a rose from Robert Fludd’s (Ioachim Frizius) Summum Bonum (Frankfurt, 1629).
This wood engraving was printed by hand on Japanese paper / or on Farbiano paper (2-coloured version) / or on Eco-paper (BW version). The inner panels of the mat are out of hand-marbled paper by Cockerell Marbled Papers. The print was stamped by the block-cutter himself (Prague monogrammist D. L.).

Subject of the offer:

New signed hand-made art print of woodcut from one of contemporary Czech Hermetic - Artist (one sheet of nice yellowish paper).
Size of paper sheet: 420×160mm
Size of art-print: 278×77mm.
This beautiful woodcut made in Prague will allow you an artistic and energetic connection with Czech Hermetics. :-)

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