Original French Book from Library of Franz Bardon - Les Prohéties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus


Today I am offering a rare books owned by Franz Bardon himself, with his ex-libris stamps!

It is legendary "Les Prohéties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus - The prophecies of Maistre Michel Nostradamus (1946)" by famous occult writer Dr de Fotbrune. This book discusses the meaning of the Propheties of the famous Renaissance oracle and astrologer Michel Nostradamus; Franz Bardon was very interested about this themes. The language of the books is French.

Offered book is good preserved, but of course with little marks of manipulation. The cover bears traces of handling, its edges are torn and in one place glued with transparent cardboard. This book is original paperback and has 316 pages.

The book contains owner stamps of Franz Bardon.

A precious remembrance of the master for hermetics!

Christmas collection 2023.