Original Book from Library of Franz Bardon - Magische Blätter 1921


Today I am offering a rare book owned by Franz Bardon himself, with his ex-libris stamps!

It is legendary hermetic journal "Magische Blätter" ("Magical Letters"), printed in 1921. This books is about magic and mysticism. Franz Bardon was very interested about this themes. The language of the book is German. This is a complete edition with very interesting content (Peryt Shou, Eliphas Levi, Bo-Yin-Ra, etc.)

Offered copy is good preserved, in red and white paper binding. The binding shows a little signs of manipulation because Franz Bardon used the book.
Inside, the book is clean, beautifully preserved, and contains several ownership stamps of Franz Bardon. This work has 388 pages.

Shipping is included in the price.

A precious remembrance of the master for homeopaths and healers!