Mental-theurgic Mirror in Handmade Box.

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IN STOCK 7/2024.

After a year of my own research, I offer my customers another unique mirror for hermetic purposes - mental-theurgic mirror.

A mental-theurgical mirror is the highest type of mirror, which is now being offered to the public for the first time ever. Earlier, the use of such mirrors has been limited to a few individuals, because mankind as a whole must develop harmonically and a man of previous centuries had lived in a more astral and material way of life. The wide availability of such practice would thus be premature and society wouldn’t benefit from it. It was therefore prohibited.

The goal of practice with the mental-theurgical mirror is in most cases growth of the divine consciousness, “consciousness of the higher Self” in the person, the birth of the personal god, and then a conscious contact with him, or with your Holy Guardian Angel.

However, the mirror is not almighty; it can penetrate the whole mental world, but only if our own unprocessed personal characteristics and undesirable uncontrolled thoughts don’t prevent us from it.

This mirror is suitable for realizing the highest goals of any teaching of the West or the East, which can be seen in the form of optical magic, especially for divine magic.

The construction of this mirror is based on a long line of personal experience and has not been read from books. :-)

The mental-theurgic mirror is green and the edge of each mirror is gilded. Handmade by Lukáš Loužecký. Every mirror is tested for efficiency!

The diameter of each mirror is about 15 cm / 6 in.

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