Franz Bardon & Josef Drábek: An Aid for Introspection


Edition of 1000 numbered copies.
776 pages, hardback.
Language: English.
Hardcover with gold embossing.
Weight of the book: 1.1 kilograms.
Translation: Matthew Blankenburg & Astrid Haszprunarová.
Editor: Lukas Louzecky.
Published by Vodnar.
IN STOCK 7/2024.

We are very pleased to be able to offer English readers for the first time the definitive text of the long lost book "An Aid for Introspection". This is one of the most practical books of the Franz Bardon school of magic and should be in every hermeticist's library.

This book, unparalleled in the world esoteric literature, is devoted to the elemental analysis of man's character traits and also to working with them. Franz Bardon first elaborated this concept in the late 1930s in the form of a hundred-page typescript. He then returned to the subject in 1957-1958, when, with the help of one of his closest pupils, Josef Drábek, who lived in the same house as his master, he developed this fundamental theme into an incredibly extensive typescript, which has not yet been published in its entirety. The English translation of the text is 776 pages long!

In this book, the reader is presented with a thorough and practical analysis of 208 positive human traits and 311 negative human traits, as well as a way to work with them. The book also contains other important practical aids, such as lists of elemental qualities according to their strength and tables of the ten basic properties for each element.

It probably goes without saying that our nature constantly influences our actions and thus the results of our personal and professional lives. "An Aid for Introspection" is actually the definitive treatment of a topic that Franz Bardon mentions in the first stage of his main book "Initiation Into Hermetics".

This book remained unpublished for a long time because Franz Bardon was arrested by the communist police for trumped-up reasons just before the manuscript was completed. The elaborate manuscript was then completed by Bardon's Opava pupil, Josef Drábek, who typed it twice in memory of his Master and distributed it to Bardon's closest disciples.

The text is published from the typescript of the author's son, Dr. Lumír Bardon. Thanks to extensive international cooperation, I have been able to compare and supplement this text according to a different typescript, which comes from the estate of the German hermetician Jonny Schwarzt (by the magical name Seila Orienta), as well as with the surviving fragments of the first version of the book, which comes from the estate of Bardon's Prague pupil Ladislav Běhounek.

A long line of myths has been created about this book. It has been claimed that it was written in Prague, although it was written in Opava. It was said to have been written by an evangelical pastor, Travek, although its author, Josef Drábek, was a lieutenant colonel. And its contents were similarly altered.

Our translation is the only authentic translation of the original manuscript. It does not come from abridged and edited versions of the work
that were gradually published in German, English, and French (Sammlung
Franz Bardon – Notizen zu Charakterstudien, 2011; The Universal Master
Key, 2013; Hilfe zur Introspektion, 2015; Le Cercle de Prague, 2015).

The postage is higher in this case because the book is very heavy.

The book is offered here at a wholesale price.

An old treasure for modern times!

The Paintings of the Four Elemental Beings
An Introduction to Introspection (Zdeněk Ondruš)
Memories of Lumír Bardon on Josef Drábek and Franz Bardon
(Lumír Bardon)
The Path of Life (Lukáš Loužecký)

First Preface
Second Preface

An Analysis of Positive (Active) Qualities According to the Four
Positive (Active) Qualities of the Fire Element
Positive (Active) Qualities of the Air Element
Positive (Active) Qualities of the Water Element
Positive (Active) Qualities of the Earth Element

An Analysis of Negative (Passive) Qualities According to the Four
An Introduction to Perceiving and Controlling the Negative (Passive)
Qualities of a Person
Negative (Passive) Qualities of the Fire Element
Negative (Passive) Qualities of the Air Element
Negative (Passive) Qualities of the Water Element
Negative (Passive) Qualities of the Earth Element

Attachment 1 – Tables of the Main Elemental Qualities
Attachment 2 – A List of Positive (Active) Qualities of the Four
Elements According to the Degrees (Groups) of Their
Attachment 3 – A List of Negative (Passive) Qualities of the Four
Elements According to the Degrees (Groups) of Their
Attachment 4 – Franz Bardon, His Students, and Family
Attachment 5 – Literary Works of Franz Bardon and His School
(Lukáš Loužecký)

Index of the Qualities