Exeptionaly interesting book from library of Franz Bardon - Reko: Magische Gifte


Today I am offering a rare and exeptionaly interesting book owned by Franz Bardon himself, with his ex-libris stamps!

It is legendary "Magische Gifte" ("Magic Poisons") by famous german scientific and esoteric writer Victor Reko. The book contains descriptions of the most interesting magical plants of the New World, including Ayahuasca, Peyotl and others (see photographed contents. Franz Bardon was very interested about this theme. The language of the book is German.

Offered copy is good preserved, in good original book binding. There are a few isolated darker spots on the binding of the book. The upper edge of the book is a bit dusty. Inside, the book is clean, beautifully preserved, and contains several ownership stamps. This work has 206 pages.

This is an extremely interesting volume, on a topic that was unique at the time of publication.

Shipping is included in the price.

A precious remembrance of the master for astrologers!