Deep Insight (spagyric quintessence for practice with mirrors)


To develop clairvoyance and support the practice with mirrors, I offer one of the secret products of Czech Hermetics, the so-called "Deep Insight" - very powerful fluidic condenser.

It is a precisely balanced mixture of spagyric essences and quintessences of my own production, which helps to balance the universal elements for a short time, thus achieving deep insight and developing clairvoyance. The production of this product takes 120 days. The fragrant liquid (fluidic condenser) contains extracts from medicinal herbs, processed in the form of spagyric (plant alchemy). None of the plants used are poisonous, dangerous or psychotropic. All plants are legal.

Three drops are used in water, tea or wine. The fluid can also be massaged into the temples or forearms - it does not have to be used internally. The bottle contains 10-15ml.

This product has no expiration date - it will last until you use it. In the Czech Republic, there are samples that are 80 years old and they are still functional. :-)

Made in the traditional way using plant alchemy - the same way used by Otakar Griese, Franz Bardon, Pierre de Lasenic, František Kabelák or Theofanus Abba. Hidden and valuable gem!

Manufactured personally by Lukáš Loužecký.

This product is not a substitute for exercise, but a support for exercise. Experience cannot be bought in drops. :-)