Das Buch Jezira - Private reprint of a famous collection of grimoires


The Summer Collection 2024!

I offer a private reprint of the famous German collection of grimoires entitled "Das buch Jezira, das grosse Buch der Bücher Moses; das sechste, das siebente, das ach, das neunta, das zehnte un das elfte. Kabbala denudata."

This collection of grimoires was used as a source by the most eminent Czech hermeticists, among others Franz Bardon and Theofanus Abba.

The original book was published probably in the 1920s by Dr. Musallam (Franz Sättler), an orientalist, a prominent hermeticist and one of the teachers of Wilhelm Quintscher and Franz Bardon. The book contains 40 grimoire texts, which are listed on the title page. It is in fact an entire grimoire library in a single volume, containing the "Prayers of St. Christopher" used in treasure hunting, a description of the work with spiritui familiaris, the Incantation of Moses, the Arcanum experientia praetiosum, the grimoire of Johann Kornreuther (belonging to the family of Herpentil's grimoires), the Faust Texts, the Claviculae Salamonis, and many other texts.

As the original of this book is almost unavailable and, moreover, printed on very poor quality paper, I prepared ten copies for the friends of practical Hermeticism some years ago, of which the only one available I now offer you. The book has been scanned from two different proofs in order to obtain the best quality image. The differences between the two editions are given in the appendix, which is not included in the original edition.

A scarce, unavailable work, numbered copy number 9 of 10, printed in the year 2017.

Only one copy available. An exceptional opportunity.

You pay no extra postage (postage is included in the price of the book).

The book has 692 pages A5, is printed on high quality cream Austrian paper and is bound in a solid quality binding with rich gold embossing in eco-leather.