Alchemical Tarot Deck of Theofanus Abba - last pieces



From the publisher's warehouse we offer the last available copies of the famous "Alchemical Tarot Deck of Theophanus Abba".

Theofanus Abba (1901-1975) was one of the most important Czech alchemists. He studied alchemy in France, where he became a personal disciple of François Jollivet-Castelot. He is the author of four important hermetic writings. His most important book concerns the deep layers of tarot symbolism and is called "Letters to Paracelsus".

The cards we offer are tarot cards, designed primarily for the study of hermetic symbolism and meditation. The original designs of the tarot cards of Theophanes Abba were designed by a disciple of this Master, the leading Czech surrealist Martin Stejskal. Martin Stejskal returned to the tarot years later and together with Czech artist Michal Jan Stránský completed a complete colour tarot game.

The cards are printed in high quality colour offset on card stock, containing a thin metallic foil inside.

The cards are active in ultraviolet light! We recommend shining a light on them to reveal their secrets.

The pack contains English and Czech instructions.

The tarot game was published in 500 copies in 2018 and was sold out in 2021. The offered copies are the very last ones that were forgotten in the publisher's warehouse.

Last chance to get this tarot deck.