Alchemical Tarot Deck by Theofanus Abba




"The Alchemical Tarot" of Theofanus Abba (Josef Louda, 1901 - 1975), which is illustrated in cooperation with Abba’s student, Martin Stejskal, and Czech artist, Michal Stránský, along with a written text which accompanies the Tarot deck, with original fragments written by Abba that is co-written by Lukáš Loužecký, and translated into English by Astrid Haszprunarová and Matthew Blankenburg.

This is a very unique Tarot deck, in more ways than one, as it holds the mystery for the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone within its color correspondence and symbolism of the Major Arcana, which intimately follows the Great Work of alchemy, as Abba himself was an alchemist who was also known for having transmuted silver. The deck is also based on Christian mysticism and symbolism which is another rarity when combined with alchemy.

Full deck of 78 cards in its full, vivid color and beauty.

This Tarot deck is being offered in a limited first edition of 500 copies that was printed in high quality, here in the Czech Republic, and comes with two booklets: one in Czech and one in English.

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